Offline Media

Offline media is any form of media that is not on the World Wide Web. Examples of this can be TV, radio and print media. Jason Corrigan (2013) talks about the need to utilise your offline media to emphasise and redirect to online media. “In order for brands to maximize their search interest, traffic and sales opportunities, SEO’s need to look at the entire marketing wheel in order to understand how each media outlet interacts with each other”. In modern marketing the role of offline media is to promote a company’s online media. Corrigan (2013) suggests that companies should set up their advertising to drive offline consumers to a branded site. Benefits of this are:

  • Increase traffic
  • Propel online search interest
  • Excellent link acquisition
  • Enhance keyword authority

Corrigan (2013) also suggests that companies should create radio ads to drive brand awareness and immediate action as “listeners are known to react immediately to what they hear on the radio including going to a website or making a direct purchase”.

It is then vital that companies make their offline and online media work together, engaging customers and increasing sales.